New Pharma pharmaceutical company was founded in 2013 by a team of Georgian professionals with many years of experience in marketing and sales.

The foundation of the company was founded :

Import of high quality medicines to Georgia;
Access to drugs;
Gain the trust of the medical community;

With today’s data:

New Pharma has 130 employees;
The company’s portfolio includes 70 drugs;
Representative offices and offices throughout Georgia;
Branded medicines are available at all online or non-online pharmacies;
New Pharma works with European pharmaceutical companies that comply with European FDA and GMP standards;
New Pharma partner companies are in the top 20 European manufacturers;
New Pharmaceuticals are protected from parallel imports;

The result of the creative and effective work of each member of the New Pharma team is the daily progress and success of the company. The company is constantly striving to motivate and train its employees by participating daily in important medical events. Organizes various types of meetings, presentations, large-scale events: in terms of innovation, innovation. All this is the key to the growth and success of the company.

New Pharma is one of the five largest companies in the pharmaceutical market of Georgia. Healthy ambitions and the goal of the company is to gain leadership and become a leader.